Name: Messier 87
    Other names: Messier 87 with Jetstream, NGC 4486
    Description: Elliptical Galaxy
    Ascension: 12 : 30.8
    Declanation: +12 : 24
    Apparent diameter: 7 (arc min)
    Constellation: Virgo
    Magnitude: 8.6
    Distance: 60 million light years!
    Equipment: Meade ETX90+Modified toucam (new eprom)+focal reducer 0.66
    Date / Time UTC: 30 march 2004 10:30-2:30
    Stacked : 86 of 478! not guiding at the best this time :-(
    Exposure time: 20 s
    Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
    Other info:

    2 galaxies also!

    Galaxy UGC7652 Magnitude 16.5

    Galaxy Mac 1230+1221 magnitude ?

    An energetic jet from the core of giant elliptical
    galaxy M87 stretches outward for 5,000 light-years.
    Ultimately, the jet is thought to be produced as matter
    near the center of M87 swirls toward a spinning,
    supermassive black hole.
    Strong electromagnetic forces are generated and eject
    material away from the black hole along the axis of
    rotation in a narrow jet.

    ouch, ouch. Thanks to Jan Damhof who reminded me that the jet is coming from another site of M87. So it's not the jet but an artifact I am afraid......

    I did another stack again and heavier leveling and the results are amazing. Can see the 'old wrong' jet but the new one also.


    © Job Gehéniau