Name: Messier 6
    Other names:  
    Description: Open cluster
    Apparent diameter: (arc min)
    Distance: light years
    Equipment: Meade ETX90 - ICX 424 -f/0.4
    Date / Time UTC: 14 jul 2005 00:00
    Stacked : 4 of 10
    Exposure time: 30 s
    Location: Valle Ferro, Portugal
    Other info:

    Due to position (too low) I had to put my ETX in ALT/AZ mode!!

    Not good for astrophotography

    On the 14th of july I did a Messier Marathon to get 24 globular and open clusters on 1 night. Just to get my messierlist more complete. I had to take short exposures, due to the massive ammount of images I had to take.


    © Job Gehéniau